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Field Trips

At Cedar Crest Academy, we believe field trips are one of the most excellent tools to provide students with real-world experiences. Field trips expose students to various environments, encouraging curiosity and acquiring increased knowledge, culture, and hands-on experiences.

Elementary students participate in three field trips during the school year. Each field trip is carefully selected to expose students to an extension of their classroom learning. Moreover, the field trips promise to enhance, support, and reinforce the curriculum at each grade level. The individual classroom teacher will give information about dates and times during the school year. Previous Elementary field trips have included The Pacific Science Center, Sammamish Animal Sanctuary, Suquamish Museum, Burke Museum, City Hall, Salmon Hatchery, Remlinger Farms, SecondStory Repertory, Seattle Aquarium, 

Students at the Pre-Primary level go on various excursions to nearby parks or nature reserves. In addition, Cedar Crest brings different Specialists to visit the students while at school, inviting local Fire Fighters, Animal Ambassadors, The Pacific Science Center and more.