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The school program encourages kids to be curious and gives each individual an opportunity to develop different perspectives.

Character Education

Ten Pillars of Character Education

Cedar Crest Academy is committed to developing students who are responsible, compassionate, and kind individuals. Our Character Education begins in Pre-Primary where students are introduced to one character education pillar per month. Throughout the month, Pre-Primary teachers read books, organize activities, host crafts and additional experiences so students can gain a deeper understanding of the trait. Additionally, students at the Pre-Primary level participate in a monthly Character Education assembly hosted by Campus Directors. Each month, teachers nominate one or more students who have embodied the character trait and students receive an award for their hard work and participation.

In alignment with Prep-Primary, our Ten Pillars of Character Education curriculum continues into Elementary (Kindergarten - Fifth Grade). In Elementary, students engage with the pillar of the month as a whole school. Our older learners engage in school discussions, projects and activities that encourage them to develop their character beyond  the classroom. Additionally, Elementary students initiate philanthropic opportunities, incorporate character development through School Houses, and participate in Cedar Crest Academy's annual Kindness Week. Students also have the opportunity to participate as a leader in the Conflict Manager program created around Kelso’s Choices.