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Welcome to Bellewood Elementary!

Your child's journey to academic excellence starts here

In 2013, Cedar Crest Academy launched Bellewood Elementary, expanding the school's program to include students from Kindergarten - Fifth grade. The Elementary program offers families an opportunity to continue their children's education within the same school community and culture. 

As students embark on the next chapter of their education journey, they will dive deeper into the fields of Science, Language Arts, Reading, Math, and Social Studies. Simultaneously, they will explore Technology, Physical Education, Art, Leadership, Philanthropy, and more!

Elementary Curriculum

Specialist Classes

Program Highlights

  • Academic material presented at least one year above traditional grade-level curriculum with further opportunity to personalize.
  • Small class sizes allow students to develop stronger and more meaningful relationships and instruction to be personalized and focused.
  • A social and emotional curriculum integrated through core subjects, specialist classes, and club rotations.
  • A rotating club schedule during school hours provides a wide array of enrichment opportunities that appeal to passions and diversify student experiences.
  • CCA's unique, personal, family-like culture is achieved through elements like multi-grade houses where teams eat and compete together.
  • Passionate and experienced teachers create an exciting learning atmosphere through innovative teaching techniques.


Character Education

We teach students to be responsible, compassionate, and caring individuals through our character education framework and additional philanthropic opportunities.



CCA students are encouraged to participate in a number of challenges & competitions.


School Houses

Through school houses, students will show school spirit, collaboration, cooperation and respect for themselves and each other.


Student Council

Leaders in training! Students in 2nd – 5th grade can run to be elected to student council.



Students engage in a wide array of relevant, exciting activities touching on all disciplines in order to engage and develop the whole child.


After School Vendors

Our elementary graduates are prepared to continue their journey of academic success.