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The Cedar Crest Academy Community

Cedar Crest Academy’s program is ideal for families looking for more than the traditional early childhood education experience. While we are large enough to offer many of the benefits of the larger centers, we are also small enough to create the intimacy of being a community wherein our center becomes a family. Parents come to know one another, teachers know the children from every class rather than only those on their rosters, and everyone – parents and teachers alike – work together toward the positive growth and development of the children.


The amazing and friendly teachers and staff make parents feel like a close knit family. They went above beyond in prompt communications and immediate actions during the pandemic and never let the quality of education and care. I could not have imagined a better school for our kids!

Parent Involvement

Just as an active parent is essential to the success of an individual child, an active parent community is essential to the success of the school.

Bonding Events

Annual meet & greets, student socials, staff bonding events, and parent mixers give everyone a chance to connect and meet new people.


All four campuses including students and parents fundraise and work together to support and contribute to communities outside of the school.

Daily Communication

Weekly newsletters, a parent communication app, and our quarterly cross campus roundups keep everyone up to date and informed!

Special Events

From Earth Day and Chinese New Year to annual Jog-A-Thons and Mardi Gras parades. We make learning fun and provide  opportunities to celebrate and learn!

Assemblies & More!

Monthly character education assemblies, math competitions and other group activities encourage teamwork, collaboration, and school spirit.