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Accelerated academics, character education & fun! This school is an ideal learning environment for those looking for small class sizes...and a warm and loving vibe where smart kids get to have fun


Cedar Crest Academy was created through a series of discussions held by founders Gail Domingos and Geeta Vyas. As two educators with a combined 45+ years of experience teaching, leading, and studying management and business, Gail and Geeta sought an innovative program that addressed the gaps in the education industry.

Together, the two envisioned a school where highly capable children could access accelerated academics and a rich environment that encouraged social and emotional development, curiosity, and learning that is tangible, engaging, and exciting.

On January 7, 2003, Cedar Crest Academy opened its doors to one student and one additional staff. Twenty years later, Cedar Crest Academy has four campuses across the Eastside of King County and a community of over 500 students and 90 staff members. 

Apart from providing an enriching program for students and staff alike, Cedar Crest Academy has become a magnificent example of what hard work, innovation, and creativity can look like. In addition to creating an academically engaging and stimulating educational program for students, Cedar Crest aims to develop and encourage teachers to strengthen their practice as educators and leaders in the industry.

A Letter from the Founders

Welcome to Cedar Crest Academy! As you explore our website and the details of our program, we ask you to take a step back and consider the following questions: What future do you envision for your child? What learning environment would best support and empower your child on their journey to academic and social-emotional excellence?

At Cedar Crest Academy, our goal is to equip our students with the tools they need to learn and express themselves inside and outside the school successfully. While igniting their passion for learning, we want to provide our students with an enriching environment that encourages independence, curiosity, empathy, and creativity. Each child comes to our school with different strengths, passions, learning styles, and personal experiences. Our goal is to embrace their individuality and uniqueness and work as a team to help them flourish and grow to their fullest potential.

While Cedar Crest has expanded to four campuses, two key aspects of our programming have never changed — the individualized learning and our strong connection between the home and school environments. An essential part of our school philosophy is acknowledging parents as influential partners on their child’s educational path. Through parent involvement and excellent parent-teacher communication, we meet the distinctive needs of our highly capable students and foster a community and partnership to provide the most robust learning environment possible.

We view our students as future leaders and creatives of the world, and we hope that your child will join our community of achievers! Thank you for considering our school.

With Warmth, 
Gail Domingos (right) & Geeta Vyas (left)