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While journeying toward academic excellence, Cedar Crest Academy is committed to developing ethical, creative, and compassionate children. We believe in instilling these traits while igniting a passion for learning, fostering each child’s strengths, and helping them grow to their fullest potential. Cedar Crest students will be highly motivated achievers, allowing them to succeed in their diverse and evolving global communities. 


"Challenging the Mind, Nurturing the Heart"

One of the cornerstones of Cedar Crest’s program is the belief that learning is a lifelong process. This motto remains at the core of our programming as it highlights the importance of education and growth for all ages and phases of life. Our goal is to model the importance of learning, and demonstrate the beauty of curiosity and transformation. 

Each member of our community is provided with an opportunity to develop in the following ways: 

  • Students — engaging and interactive classes covering an extensive range of subjects, field trips, enrichment opportunities from Karate and Dance to Woodworking and Painting, small class ratios to help develop personal connections with peers and teachers, and a robust character education program for all grades
  • Staff — stimulating professional development speakers, workshops, and cross-campus meetings to encourage collaboration amongst teachers 

  • Parents  informational Parent Education Nights featuring leaders and educators in the field and strong parent-to-teacher communication to build bridges from the home to the school environment

  • Leadership — frequent strategy meetings, workshops, and webinars to remain up to date with developments in the field of education and support Cedar Crest's long-term strategic vision

Values & Vision

A child’s early years are a critical period of time for their human development. As educators and leaders in the field, it is our responsibility to the young learners to provide a proper foundation from which they can grow and build – cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally, and creatively. At Cedar Crest Academy, we want our students to:

  1. develop a love for learning and exploring through new experiences

  2. establish a growth mindset that accepts mistakes and encourages persistence 

  3. practice mindfulness and empathy for ourselves, our peers, and our communities